Challenges facing today’s trucking companies

In 2017 companies spent a record $1.5 trillion on shipping costs. Retailers and manufacturers credit the ‘Amazon Age’ for the struggle to keep goods moving to consumers — a struggle compounded by the critical shortage of truck drivers in the U.S.

It is estimated that over the next decade, the trucking industry will be short almost a million drivers. Demand is out pacing supply, which has already inflated shipping prices and caused shipping slows throughout the US.

The trucking industry supplies the “life blood” that runs through the country. Yet, there are challenges that threaten our industry that must be met. Here are a few:

Regulations. Although new regulations might make driving safer the hours-of-service and E-log devices to true emission requirements also create red tape and extra expense for drivers and fleets.

Driver shortage. Presently, there is a shortage of about 50,000 truck drivers nationwide. The driver culture is aging. Companies are having to increase wages and improve benefits to recruit and retain drivers.

Safety. Because of the demand for more trucking services more truckers share the road every year. This has increased the incidents of accidents and the resulting rise in insurance costs.

Slow payment. In addition to fuel and other rising costs, many of today’s companies must wait 60 to 90 days for payment making cash flow an ever-increasing problem.

The above challenges and more make it necessary for every trucking company to operate at a high efficiency level in order to survive.

ATS simulator training can help meet these challenges

To meet the challenges above the speed, cost and efficiency in which to train new truckers is of utmost importance for CDLs trucking operations.

ATS simulators help save money. Live truck training comes with a long list of expenses, everything from fuel, to insurance to truck wear and tear. With ATS simulator training those expenses are immediately wiped out saving you money over the long haul.

Train more drivers faster. ATS simulator training allows students to be trained without each one needing their own individual instructor throughout the process. One coach can oversee a room of simulator trainees.

Safer training/drivers. AVS Simulator training exposes the student to the most dangerous road conditions and scenarios without danger to the student. This makes for safer training. Studies have also shown that simulator trained CDL truckers also make for safer drivers once they get on the road.

Simulation and Training Together . .

Contact ATS today to learn how our simulators with built-in scenario training can help make your drivers more efficient and safe on the roads.