The ATS TransMaster simulator provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform, customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit and military applications.

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Patented technology. Progressive training. Revolutionary results.

The TransMaster™ from Advanced Training Systems (ATS) has become the standard by which simulation platforms are judged, earning the title of the most advanced training simulator.

Developed in over a Four-year period by ATS, the TransMaster™ incorporates various aspects of any heavy truck model. Optioned to incorporate both passive-resistance and force-feedback steering along with exclusive classroom based content to effectively and constantly train tomorrows CDL Drivers.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, TransMaster™ provides effective, cost efficient training. From its plug-and-play operation with Q-motion technology to our patented learning process, TransMaster™ combines precision machined aluminum, composite materials, and exclusive training software to provide a simulator platform that focuses on student retention of shifting patterns, vehicle handling and backing maneuvers.

TransMaster™ by Advanced Training Systems, your immediate solution to optimized driver training.

Digital Coach

Often referred to as the ‘Digital Coach’, ATS patented self-paced approach is optimized for each individual user based on their behaviors and actions. By incorporating this patented training process, the TransMasterTM simulator allows for the student to train more efficiently without the use of an instructor for remedial basic practice and shifting, ultimately resulting in a much more confident trainee and more efficient use of student-instructor time on-the-road.

Patented Learning System

The defining feature of any TransMaster™ simulator is in it’s patented learning system. Unlike other simulator systems, TransMasterTM simulators provide self-paced, expert guided training, effec- tively allowing training institutions to focus on individual student and driver behav- iors and correct, modify, and improves skills.

Additionally, TransMaster™ exceeds traditional simulator performance by incorporating guided, student-paced training included with the purchase of the simulator.

Quality Driver Interfaces

Precision machined aluminum. High-fidelity displays. Military-grade electronics. All integral parts of the TransMaster™ simulator are manufactured to guarantee customer satisfaction and equipment longevity. ATS TransMaster™ driver interface system and its associated parts feature touch-screen displays, identical tactile feedback, and actual tractor/truck parts. Additionally, the TransMaster™ simulator is the only simulator featuring ATS patented true-to-life transmission module.

Sight System

Selected from only the best brands, each monitor integrated into the TransMaster™ is selected from scrutinized specifications to allot for premium brightness, contrast ratios, and the fastest of reaction times. Furthermore, all TransMaster™ systems ranging from Basic, Plus, to Elite; are incredibly versatile allowing display selection from a single 32-inch monitor to triple projector display systems, and everything in-between.

Transmaster™ – Basic

  • Single – screen shifting simulator with integrated Digital Coach
  • Autonomous progressive shifting program included
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Shipping Included
  • Upgrade ready to TransMaster™ Plus or TransMaster™ Elite

Simulation and Training Together . .

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