Simulator Training that takes the road by storm without a storm

ATS Virtual Reality Simulator driver training puts the student in control of the vehicle by putting him or her through almost every scenario the road has to offer. It even measures the student’s stress level while training which, at the end of the day, amounts to safer CDLs carrying the fright of the country.

This superior training is all made possible because of the advanced technology utilized in developing and programing of the ATS Virtual Reality Simulator.

ATS VR Simulator training allows the student to be trained without danger to himself, his instructor, or other vehicles on the road.

Specific benefits include:

DRIVER ERRORS DETECTED AND HANDLED: “An all-seeing Digital Coach” picks up on the most minute driver errors, things a live coach may not see.

LESS STRESS ON STUDENT: The ATS simulator analyzes the unique physical characteristics of the student. These include increased pulse or heart rate, excess sweat and overall anxiousness. These biometrics help the student and coach pinpoint areas of stress so the student can practice the conditions that triggered the stress until the student is relaxed and competent.

ONE COACH OVERSEES MULTIPLE STUDENTS: The stress biometrics of each driver is measured and communicated to the instructor with a light on the back of the simulator. This way one instructor can monitor an entire room of drivers. Red says the student is under stress and training should be stopped. Yellow indicates difficulty. Green means no negative issues.

SAS MOTION MANAGED: Simulator Adaptive Syndrome is caused by the lag time between the driver performing a function and the function being carried out. The result can be headaches or motion sickness for the student. In the past, it has been a problem for simulators. But today, ATS motion has solved the problem by greatly reducing/eliminating SAS. Feedback and statistics indicate that ATS’s Motion is superior in managing SAS compared to other simulators.

SHIFTS AND BRAKES JUST LIKE A TRUCK: Shifter Force Detection won’t allow shifting if the RPMs and gear selection are not correct. The stick even locks out, grinds and vibrates in the student’s hand. The braking is so real the seat belt tightens if it is done too quickly for forcefully.

GRAPHICAL REINFORCEMENT: ATS simulator glass dashboard and touch screens improve the students’ association with a driving function with graphical reinforcement. The configuration of touch screens and viewing panels makes the student respond and demonstrate knowledge of graphically related information to a specific function.

Simulation and Training Together . .

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