Along with simulation and a host of other technological developments, artificial intelligence has the potential to benefit the trucking and logistics industry. Courtesy of TRUCKS, here are some thoughts from AI entrepreneur Mike Capps. 

  • Using synthetic data sets will help logistics providers analyze their vast quantities of customer-based data without fear of the repercussions to their reputation or financial loss due to data loss.
  • Machine learning analytics can support a better understanding of driver behavior and the cause of collisions.
  • Machine learning will also provide a greater depth of understanding of required preventative maintenance routines for vehicles to maximize the efficiency of the fleet.
  • AI can be used to determine the optimal route and fleet mix required to maximize vehicle capacity and reduce fuel expenditure.
  • It can help ensure better quality candidates: Using AI in the recruiting process can help better place candidates in trucking positions by eliminating bias in selection. That allows ways to narrow the gender gap and alleviate the shortage of drivers.
  • Interpretable AI ensures that self-driving vehicles operate correctly. Autonomous vehicles need transparent and understandable technology in order to function properly and efficiently.
  • AI is evolving to support inventory mix, qualities and stock locations to minimize stock rebalancing across a network.
  • The logistics industry is always looking for innovation to determine the root cause for stock loss, or shrinkage. Machine learning will play a major part of this process.
  • AI has the capacity to take data from multiple sources to support strategic decisions about where to locate new regional or national distribution centers.
  • AI will identify profitable and non-profitable customers.

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