Online training tools. From Fleet Equipment, June 9, 2020. Canada-based CarriersEdge offers a broad line of online training tools for truckers. The courses, says the company, translate complex regulations into real-world content that drivers understand. Subject areas include defensive driving, HOS and logbooks, cargo securement, hazardous materials, fire safety, fuel efficiency, drug and alcohol testing, driver health and wellness, handling an accident scene, food safety, parking and delivery, workplace violence and harassment, and fall protection.

A key feature of the company’s approach to training is knowledge testing: finding out—with test variations and answer randomization to ensure you’re getting real answers—who knows what, and how well they know it.

It’s easy to view a new process or technology as an all-or-nothing strategic move, but that’s not how remote driver training, for example, should be considered, says CarriersEdge.

“Don’t think of online training as something separate,” said Jane Jazrawy, CarriersEdge co-founder and CEO. “What you want to do is think of training as training. When you do regular training, you always have an end goal: You want people to change their behavior by learning a new skill or process.”

With the world socially distancing, notes Jazrawy, remote training offers an opportunity to stay connected with your mobile workforce and focus on the best practices that keep your trucks rolling safely and productively.

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