ATS in Action, from San Diego Business Journal, January 20, 2020
Beginning truck drivers must first pass a written exam to get a learner’s permit; they then practice behind the wheel of a truck to prepare for the driving portion of the exam. Those who pass both tests earn a Class A license, which allows them to drive tractor trailers, also known as big-rig trucks, says Dave Dein, who oversees a truck driver training program at Patterson High School, about 90 miles south of Sacramento.

The school used state grant money to purchase two ATS simulators for students to practice on. Dein said the simulators help students become comfortable behind the wheel even before they climb into the driver’s seat on a big rig, creating “muscle memory for such tasks as all the points that we touch and operate consistently and braking.

“I would never train without a simulator today,” says Dein, himself a former big-rig driver. “The training goes so much faster and transfers over to the real truck so much more smoothly.”

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