New Technology for drivers promotes safety, eases workflow management,, from Fleet Equipment, December 15, 2020. Truck driver safety and training solutions have grown astronomically this year. With truck drivers being more remote than ever due to the pandemic, an increased focus on safety came with it. Connected telematics alert you to unsafe operation, in-cab cameras let you peer into the situation in and around the truck and training platforms let you provide feedback to your driver. There are a lot of options.

Drivewyze, known best for its weigh station bypass technology, has diversified into driver safety alerts. Its most recent announcement was that its Safety+ builds upon its current platform that warns drivers of approaching areas where caution is required through audible and visual cues. Now the Safety+ adds new back-office tools to create customized driver alerts, as well as offers safety analytics.

Meanwhile, Samsara has launched new driver workflow tools that the company says make the Samsara Driver App more customizable for fleets, without proprietary hardware or code. The company says Workflow Builder makes it easy to define, customize and publish guided workflows that help drivers minimize guesswork and comply with fleet policies. Additionally, Samsara says App Designer lets managers control which features are available in the Driver App and configure the behavior of those features.

Samsara says Workflow Builder offers a drag-and-drop interface where a fleet can select which steps are required, rearrange the order and delete tasks that aren’t relevant for its operations. Once the fleet publishes a workflow, the Driver App automatically takes drivers through step-by-step flows.

The company says fleets can use Workflow Builder to define start-of-day workflows, whether they want their drivers to start their days by reviewing their Hours of Service, performing pre-trip inspections, checking inventory or completing a custom document.

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