It’s not just drivers and driving that are changing. Here, courtesy of Truck Parts & Service, is a look at the future of heavy truck technicians. Maintaining a capable technician workforce in the coming years will require fleets, dealers and service shops to train their associates on new components and systems being spec’d into the equipment population as well as advanced maintenance and connectivity technologies developed to enhance equipment performance and reduce downtime.

In the future, techs won’t just be expected to replace parts, they’ll also be required to understand the technology that tells them why a part needs to be replaced. From a spec’ing perspective, many technologies that appear destined to become industry mainstays have already been introduced.

Disc brakes take rates are on the rise across the fleet community, and both truck makers and brake suppliers believe disc brakes will replace drums as the industry’s preferred stopping method within the next decade. Automated manual transmission acceptance also is on the rise, as is the industry’s transition toward slightly smaller diesel engines and alternative fuels, such as natural gas, hybrid and electric options.

Being a successful technician in the future trucking industry also will also require a fundamental understanding of vehicle connectivity and the numerous technologies in development or already in use to better monitor equipment performance. In dealer and large fleet shops, this means understanding how to navigate and absorb data found in predictive maintenance portals.

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