Q. Does retention really increase when using simulator-based training like the ATS Systems?
A. YES! Due to the utilization of any ATS System, fewer students quit between classroom training and hands-on training. The student gains confidence in their ability to drive a truck resulting in less fear when getting behind the wheel. Why?
The ATS training platform breaks down the complexity of driving a truck into small manageable modules. Once each module is mastered, it is added to another module to increase complexity. Gradually the student achieves proficiency in each subordinate module until the module represents the complete driver station. Once the student is in the truck, the improved confidence tremendously reduces the initial fear of hands-on application

Q. Can I really decrease my maintenance costs by using an ATS System?
A. YES! For many reasons! Since a student can practice and master a particular skill on the ATS system, the cost to correct repeated failures in the range truck is alleviated. Range trucks often bear the brunt of the student’s lack of coordination and incorrect techniques. Since wear and tear on the transmission, tires, drive train, bearings, brakes, clutch, and engine mounts are less because of utilization of the ATS System, the overall maintenance costs are reduced substantially! No costs are incurred for errors made by a student on a simulator as compared to costly errors made by a student in a range truck.

A student can refine their performance on the simulator, even before getting into a training truck for the first time, thus avoiding subjecting the truck to rough handling which can result in costly equipment down time and maintenance. Consequently, fewer students drop out of training due to frustration because they have developed their skill set on the simulator and increased their confidence. Additionally, instructors are not frustrated with having to teach the basics when the student first gets into the truck.

Q. Does the ATS simulator-training platform reduce the cost of training in general?
A. YES! Any ATS System training platform has its own embedded instructor with adapted learning programming that guides the student in a self-directed manner. No additional instructor or computer expert personnel are required for the simulator portion of training. Its operational life is designed to exceed 10 years.

Q. Can multiple students benefit from the an ATS System simultaneously?
A. YES! Students learn when they watch another person operating the simulator. The simulator platform is designed to hook up to an audio/visual port, allowing many to see in large format what the student driver is experiencing while using the simulator. This physical observation, in addition to classroom discussion, offers additional learning experiences and knowledge for all student drivers.

Q. Why is training on an ATS System beneficial in conjunction with traditional truck driver training?
A. When a student utilizes simulated training to begin the learning processes and maneuvers associated with professional driving; the focus is on the Students’ learning and behaviors, not on the student or driving instructor’s safety, as it must be in a range truck.
The simulated training platform provides precision measurement of the student’s performance and pedal position, often areas not observable from an instructor’s position. Even the best driving instructor cannot sense all errors that may be made in a range truck to the extent that a simulator can.

Q. Can the Fuel Management module from ATS (optional), result in additional savings during a student’s training?
A. YES! The ATS Fuel Management training module expands shifting training to include best practices on a variety of terrains. This module provides emphasis on how to optimize your use of fuel in other ways besides just shifting more proficiently including: speed, braking and vehicle preparation and handling. Thus, providing your student with skills often associated with more experienced drivers, making these students preferred.

Additionally, Fuel Management and all terrain training, gives the school a competitive advantage with trucking company recruitment. Having students graduate with greater consistency in performance, reflects well on the schools’ training process. Given the long-term consequences from CSA 2010, students that have documented proficiency (which the simulator records) will be preferred.

Q. Does an ATS System give a school a competitive advantage when selling the program to prospective students?
A. YES! Learning to drive big rigs can be intimidating. Simulator-based training has proven increased efficiency in learning. Students today have grown up with technology and are more comfortable with how simulation allows a self-paced learning approach.

Q. I have no prior experience using a simulator, is it true that I don’t need it?
A. YES, that is true! You don’t need to be an expert or even trained to operate any ATS System. The operation of an ATS System is as simple as operating a toaster! Plug it in, push the Power button and it will instruct you step by step!

Q. Where do I contact you for support requests?
A. Simply fill out our customer service request form on our Contact Us page.

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