Simulator Activation / Shutdown

Activating the FleetMaster™ Simulator

  • After disconnecting the MTSU trailer and ensuring that it is in a safe location, level, stable and properly powered, the operator is ready to activate the onboard FleetMasterTM simulator.
  • The operator will verify the PC Power Distributor (Figure E) is powered on, and the indicators for ‘Protected’ and ‘Grounded’ are illuminated, only when the indicators are illuminated is it safe to Power on the simulator PC.
  • Upon activating the Power button located on the simulator PC, the operator will additionally activate each of the simulators monitors (3 Main / 1 ‘Glass Dash’) as well as the repeater monitors located at the front of the MTSU using the designated remotes (Figure F).
  • Upon activation, the operator should note if there have been any changes in the screen calibration. Should a display appear different, please check that all monitors are active, and are operating on the correct ‘Input’.
  • At this time, the operator should take note as to the status of various simulator components and their status – Simulator motion components are in good working order and have calibrated correctly.
    – Surge protector / Battery backup is activated and functioning normally.
    – Air tank functioning properly and with a sufficient amount of PSI (Typically 120 PSI).
    – Pneumatic Seat Pressure is sufficient and ready for trainee.
    – Pneumatic Clutch has sufficient pressure and resistance.
    – Gauges and Dash is in good working order, and has been cleaned.
    – Simulator platform is from from dust and debris, and is presentable for trainee session.
    – Simulator compartment is of acceptable temperature (ATS recommends a normal operating temperature
    of approximately 65o to reduce the onset of SAS).
  • At the operators discretion, he / she may use either the OpCon designated keyboard, or the mobile keyboard to begin operation of the simulator and course-plan.

Shutdown of the FleetMaster™ Simulator

  • The operator will find on the OpCon screen a button labeled ‘Shutdown System’, and click on it with the cursor.
  • The simulator will begin to shutdown automatically, and eventually come to a rest.
  • The operator may now deactivate each of the screens using the remote controls (Figure F).
    At the operators discretion, and depending on the MTSU transit schedule, the operator may wish to deactivate the following, or store for transport.
    – Surge Protector / Battery Backup.
    – Deactivate all pneumatic systems.
    – Secure for transport if needed.


Note: For additional information on Start-Up and Shutdown procedures, the user may also reference the FleetMaster™ ‘Quick Reference Guide’.

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