Unique and essential to the ATS products and customer confidence is our industry- leading three-year warranty for ATS derived hardware and software. Additional warranties may apply to specific subcomponent parts of our simulators based upon warranty cards included with those subcomponents.

One-to-One Personal Support

As an ATS simulator owner, you are assigned a unique support representative who is eager to help with any issue you may have. From software and hardware updates to installing new content, your representative is familiar with you and your company and makes support easier.
ATS has designed a unique remote capability into every unit to allow our representatives to continue advanced training programs, update software, or troubleshoot any operational issues directly from our Tech Center.

An Effective Piece of Craftsmanship

Each ATS simulator is fully modular in design. Our industry-leading innovation means a constant stream of new components and add-ons, all of which are engineered to remain fully compatible with our existing product line and our conversions/retrofit of older out of warranty simulators from other companies. ATS simulators can also be quickly and remotely updated with the latest software to ensure that they have the latest in technology and content, ranging from software upgrades to vehicle dynamic models.

Each simulator is built to last, with aerospace quality parts and is upgradeable thus minimizing obsolete technology. We are confident in our products and we are confident in our customer support. Our systems are designed to deliver the best possible simulation experience.

Simulation and Training Together . .

Contact ATS today to learn how our simulators with built-in scenario training can help make your drivers more efficient and safe on the roads.