Three Ways ATS Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator Training can Benefit You

  • ATS VR simulator training makes driver training SAFER!
  • ATS VR simulator training makes SAFER truck drivers!
  • ATS VR simulator training SAVES you money!

Simply stated, AVS simulator truck driver training is safer than live truck training, it’s less expensive and it prepares the driver for road situations that live training simply can’t do, making safer truck drivers.

SAFE TRAINING: Just as simulators allow jet fighter pilots to fly without harming themselves or their instructors, ATS Virtual Reality Simulator training allows truck drivers to experience big rig driving without harming themselves or their instructors.

In a stress-free ATS simulator environment, the student engages in real-world driving exercises through rain and snow while experiencing tire blowouts, jack-knifes and other occurrences, some dangerous, some common, until he or she is relaxed, confident and proven ready to hit the road.

THE END RESULT is an unharmed driver who is confident and prepared to handle almost any circumstance the road throws at them.

SAFE DRIVING: About every 15 minutes, a person is killed or seriously injured in an accident caused by 18-wheelers or big rigs or semi-trucks.

ATS Virtual Reality Simulator training replicates both common and dangerous driving conditions repetitively until the student masters them before laying tires on the road. This is accomplished with a hyper-realistic, 360-degree virtual reality-based program, a patented motion detection program with ultra-realistic haptic feedback, along with other advanced simulation experiences.

THE END RESULT is significant reduction in preventable accidents and the severity of the accidents by reinforcing critical safety procedures and industry driving techniques.

SAVES YOU MONEY: Money is too valuable to waste. Whether you are affiliated with a trucking company, driver training school, freight company or moving company, ATS simulator training is easier to manage and will cost you less than live truck training. You simply aren’t burdened with all the expenses of a truck including fuel, oil, maintenance, insurance, license and registration, wear and tear and other expenses.

Instead of wasting hours doing bookkeeping and accounting to keep track of truck expenditures, an ATS simulator is a onetime expense and the math is over. Then you can concentrate on what you do best, which is getting drivers ready for the road.

THE END RESULT is significant reduction in a variety of expenses related to trucks, and more time, attention and money available to you for more important aspects of your business.


Simulation and Training Together . .

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