The ATS ShiftMaster simulator provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform, customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit and military applications.

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The ShiftMaster is a Specific Task simulator that trains the student to properly master the shifting requirements of a truck that has a manual transmission. Shifting in large trucks is far more difficult than one would find in an automobile that has a manual shift transmission. The simulator system allows the student to be trained by the system without the need for an instructor.



  • System automatically varies the time required to train based on the students learning needs.
  • Patented lock-out transmission that will not shift unless RPMs and gear position are correct, just like the real truck.
  • Self-paced as every trainee learns at a different pace. Trainee cannot advance to next stage until learning each stage.
  • Designed for limited tasks that are in demand by some companies as a complement to other training tools.
  • Contains shifting “Ladder” that trains shifting of any transmission H pattern, double shifting, down shifting, etc.

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