The Money Saving Benefits of Simulation

Using an ATS Virtual Reality Simulator to Train Drivers is a matter of Dollars and Sense

You know that driver training on an AVS simulator is safer than live truck training and that the trainee is likely to drive more safely once they get their CDL. But what about the bottom-line expense of simulator training compared to live truck training?

Whether you are affiliated with a trucking company, driver training school, freight company or a moving company the cost of training is important to your business. Here’s the good news…

The following is a list of the expenses you can enjoy not paying if you use an ATV simulator for driver training.

  • Truck expenses:
  • Cost of truck.
  • Gas.
  • Electricity.
  • Oil.
  • Mechanical repairs.
  • Insurance.
  • Tires.
  • Maintenance.
  • License and registration.
  • Interest on loan (if loan used to purchase truck.)
  • Washing and accessories.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Vehicle depreciation. (miles added on truck).
  • Losses from claims if there is an accident.
  • Instructor wages and benefits.

In addition to the above being costly, unless you are constantly and diligently crunching the numbers, some of these expenses can become “invisible,” as they can quickly add up without you being aware of them.

FleetMaster™ Simulator—Simpler, Less Expensive and More Efficient

With an AVS FleetMaster simulator you have one chief expense one time: the cost of the simulator. After that, there’s no “invisible” costs, no continual outlay of money to keep it going, and you’ll never be blindsided by unexpected expenses from accidents or increased insurance costs.
In addition to not having the above long list of expenses to worry about, training on the FleetMaster simulator makes for better fuel management and implementation.

Speaking strictly money, it only makes sense to train your drivers on a FleetMaster simulator.


Simulation and Training Together . .

Contact ATS today to learn how our simulators with built-in scenario training can help make your drivers more efficient and safe on the roads.