The Safe Training Benefits of Simulation

People perform worse under pressure

You would probably agree that talking about how to handle a tire blowout in a snow storm and experiencing it first hand are two different things. Experiencing a blowout under pressure can bring on confusion or panic, thus exacerbating the problem and increasing the chances of an accident.

But what if the driver could simulate a blowout repetitively (or almost any road situation) in a safe environment that allowed him or her to calmly take control of the situation without stress? They would, of course, be better prepared to handle the problem if it ever occurred on the road.

ATS Virtual Reality Simulators allow driver trainees to experience every kind of road situation, including potential catastrophes, while in a safe environment without debilitating stress getting in the way. The key to simulation is how closely the simulator matches real-world events and perceptions.

ATS simulators create a real-world experience through advanced virtual reality

  • THE 360-DEGREE virtual reality program combines realistic feedback and sensation for all driving experiences.
  • A TRANSMASTER™ shifting unit implements dynamically correct, on-set cues, force-feedback steering and harmonic transducers with 1080p high definition visual arrays.
  • PATENTED MOTION DETECTION delivers ultra-realistic haptic (touch) feedback. The body feels what is seen. This also helps prevent motion sickness. The right motion is the key to driver training simulation.
  • MUSCLE MEMORY is increased through repetitious simulator training under non-stressful conditions. The muscles develop automatic reaction to negative events and the brain stores knowledge more efficiently.

ATS Safe Simulator Training = Confident, Prepared Drivers

With simulator training, the student is thoroughly prepared for the driving experience before ever stepping into a rig. This means less stress for the student, the instructor and the truck.

  • Chances of an accident decrease.
  • Chances of insurance rates increasing decrease.
  • Less wear and tear on the truck.

The “All-seeing” Simulator Tracks every Move

ATS advanced simulator software tracks all the details of driving, even things an instructor might miss such as forgetting the seat belt, exceeding speed limits, missing gear shifting, missing a stop sign or other road sign and much more.


Simulation and Training Together . .

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