Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is a high-tech simulator technology and engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced training systems to improve training and create safer drivers. ATS, the holder of multiple patents in high-tech training simulation, has as its mission to provide this cutting-edge adaptive training to all involved in the transportation industry at an affordable cost, resulting in safer drivers/operators.

Founder and CEO, John Kearney, is called upon regularly by the media to educate and comment on trucking news that is affecting our economy.

WIH Podcast
April 27th, 2021


Tax Tips for Truckers
February 16th, 2021


Wanted: female truck drivers
February 4th, 2021


Taped Interview
May 19th, 2020


WD5: What is the Industry Doing to Train and Prepare Truck Drivers?
October 29, 2020

Truckers And Technology: Today And Tomorrow
Aired August 31, 2019

Road Dog Trucking is a truckers’ talk radio channel on the Sirius XM Radio service. It covers subjects relevant to the trucking community, including politics, economics, and social issues. Frequency: Sirius ch. 146 XM

Long-Haul Truckers Enable Economy to Cope with Shifting Market Needs    
September 11, 2020

Getting more truck drivers into the industry in light of the coronavirus – Live Interview
March 18, 2020

Government Delays Issuance of Truck Driver Training Standards – Live Interview
January 23rd, 2020

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November 11, 2019

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September 18, 2019

Reformed Felons, in the Trucking Industry
May 24, 2019

Cross-Border Trucking, Quadrant Methodology
May 14, 2019

Ex-Offenders Offer Potential Labor Source for Trucking Industry
March 6, 2019


VR Training Combats Trucking Industry’s Critical Driver Shortage
Around the 54 minute mark is where the subject is discussed. 
April 10, 2018

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