Advanced Training Systems LLC is the holder of the following US Patents which are included in their driver training suite of products described in this website:

US 8,469711 B2; System, method and apparatus for driver training of shifting (LOCK OUT TRANSMISSION)

What it means to the user –
This patent allows for a new configuration of shifting hardware that is set up for realistic feedback and sensation, including “lock-out” from improper gear selection, in a low-profile design. The physical size is reduced allowing compaction of the transmission to fit more restricted cab configurations without compromising transmission fidelity or integrity.


What it means to the user –
This patent describes the interactive training process that occurs during the same session on the simulator which includes, self-paced, interactive training that provides the student/driver with immediate evaluation feedback, corrective training and re-evaluation. The transfer of this training to the field is much higher because of the immediacy of evaluation and re-training.

US 8,894415 B2; System, method and apparatus for driver training; GLASS DASH

What it means to the user –
This patent provides the user with a configuration of touch screen and viewing panels that allow the student/driver to physically respond and demonstrate knowledge of graphically related information to a particular function. It improves the students’ association with a function through graphical reinforcement. Thus, allowing tracking of transfer of training.


What it means to the user –
This patent provides a way for a manual transmission shifter to measure and report the amount of force being applied to the shifting lever as imparted by the person shifting the transmission. It is important to measure this force to determine if the student/driver is shifting smoothly or applying excessive force to engage gears. This system contributes to adaptive training inputs.

US 9,646,509 B2; System, Method and Apparatus for DRIVER TRAINING SYSTEM WITH STRESS MANAGEMENT

What it means to the user –
This patent provides an adaptation to the input variables to include human factors such as stress. Human factor parameters are measured and integrated into the Adaptive Training environment to expand the simulator’s awareness of the student’s/driver’s condition as well as the effect the training exercise is having on the student/driver. These effects and reactions can be measured and correlated to identify and address training effectiveness and student/driver stability.

US 9,418,568 B2; System, Method and Apparatus for Driver TRAINING SYSTEM WITH DYNAMIC MIRRORS

What it means to the user –
The mirrors in the driving simulator behave as real mirrors do. Consequently, the driver using these mirrors is closer to a real operating situation. This is critical in backing and lane changing maneuvers. Head position and the direction in which the driver is looking is measured. Objects in the mirror adjust and shift as the student’s/driver’s view shifts allowing the observer to see beyond a fixed mirror image.


What it means to the user –
This motion provides onset cues to the driver through the vestibular system (inner ear). This is accomplished by having + /- 6 degrees of pitch calculated in a 1.8-meter radius from the drivers center mass, allowing for acceleration and deceleration feedback.

The two types of motion cues that are present in a real vehicle and that are critical in a drivers’ vehicle control process are present in the On Q™ simulation motion device. The critical cues include: (1) longitudinal cues for acceleration and braking, and (2) lateral cues for turning. These are the most recurring motion cues in driving. By providing all of these motion cues, the driver has a “real” driving experience. Those motion systems that do not provide onset cues for both types of motions may easily stimulate “simulator sickness.”

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