By John Kearney

​The Millennial generation, people born between about 1983 and 2000, will make up 75% of the American workforce. Already, according to some calculations, they’ve surpassed the baby boomers in terms of economic clout and buying power. As they step forward into the most prominent place in our society, they should be confident, self-assured, and ready to take command.

And they are, or at least some of them are. The vast bulk of them, however, are not so confident. They’re worried. According to a recent study done by Ernst & Young, 78% of Millennials said they were worried about finding good-paying job opportunities. Seventy-four percent are afraid they won’t be able to pay the bills if they get sick, and 79%—a huge percentage, when you think about how young these people are—are afraid they won’t have enough money to live on when they retire.

The magic ticket out of these problems—or so it was once thought—is a college education. That’s still true for some people, but for others, college means debt; the average student loan debt load in this country is a little over $38,000. Is it worth it? Again, for some it is, for others . . . here’s another statistic for you. Almost half of today’s college graduates—43%—wind up in a job that doesn’t require a college degree. Or they’re working in the gig economy, with no pension, no benefits, and no guarantee they’ll still have work tomorrow.

We—the trucking industry—have something to offer people in this situation. We need 60,000 drivers now, and soon we’ll need 100,000. The job’s not for everybody, but if you like to travel and are comfortable with being out on your own, it offers a lot: employment after just four weeks of training, decent pay, security (we really need drivers; don’t worry, you’ll be in demand), and, particularly these days, good benefits.

And two other things. One, membership in a very special tribe; nobody understands a trucker like another trucker. (And it’s not all big guys named Bubba any more. The industry’s changed. They aren’t even all guys.) Two—this is particularly important if you’re a Millennial—you get to be trained in an electronic simulator that’s just like the game consoles you’re used to, only cooler.

So if you’re a Millennial—or anybody else—looking for a good solid career, take a look. It could change your life.

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Advanced Training Systems has revolutionized the design and manufacture of high-tech simulators to improve driver training and create both better drivers and a safer world. In addition to hundreds of driving schools, we provide equipment and support for major shippers who do their own training, as well as customized solutions for those with particular training needs. For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us here.