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4/28/21- Growing Numbers, Social Media Influencers Help Women Transform Trucking

3/24/21- Better CDL Training Essential as Trucker Fatalities Reach Highest Levels Since 1988

2/8/21 – Tax Laws Offer Incentives to Become Truck Drivers, Businesses Eligible Too

1/25/21 – Schools and Simulators Offer Solution to Looming Truck Driver Shortage

1/4/21 – Strong Demand for Better-Trained Hostlers as Ecommerce Breaks All Records

11/16/20 – Trucking Industry Beckons Women Seeking New Careers

10/6/20 – To Meet Demand and Avoid Shortage, Trucking Industry Looks to Train Younger Recruits—Teenagers

8/31/20 – Advanced Realistic Simulation Enhances Training for Tomorrow’s Truckers

7/21/20 – Long-Haul Truckers Enable Economy To Cope with Shifting Market Needs

6/20 – Increased Demand Post-COVID Threatens Trucker Shortage

6/22/20 – Middle-Mile Logistics Play Evolving Role in U.S. Consumer Goods Supply-Chain

4/20 – Amidst COVID-19, ATS Offers Free Truck Driver Training App To Schools To Help Prevent Food Supply Shortage

3/9/20 – Boeing’s About-Face Reflects Growing Consensus on Need for Simulator Training

2/17/20 – With Trucker Shortage Looming, Focus Shifts to the Next Generation

11/19 – Truckers Contest California Gig Economy Law

10/22/19 – Attention Millennials: Travel & Trim Debt with Trucking Career

9/19 – Advanced Training Systems Expands with New Facility in Vista, Calif.

9/19 – Trump Administration Proposes Eased Rules for Truckers

8/12/19 – As Truck Driver Shortage Worsens, Trucking Companies Begin Recruiting Women

7/2/19 – Colorado Crash Focuses Attention on Trucker Training and Safety

6/11/19 – Prospects for Oil Boom Dimmed by Tank Truck Driver Shortage

5/28/19 – TSA Creates Committee to Help Safeguard Railroads and Highways

4/17/19 – Driver Training Center in Mexicali Offers Greater U.S.-Mexican Highway Safety

3/4/19 – Nonviolent Ex-Offenders Offer Potential Labor Source for Trucking Industry

2/4/19 – ATS: Simulator Technology Helps Ease School Bus Problems

1/2/19 – Court Ruling: Truck Drivers Must Be Paid for All Hours on Duty

12/3/18 – Truck Driver Shortage Fuels Rising Grocery Store Prices

11/5/18 – Qualified Ex-Military Truckers Offered Streamlined Path to Civilian Employment

10/1/18 – ATS: Florence Preparations, Recovery Efforts Aided by Long-Haul Truck Drivers

9/4/18 – ATS: Insurance, Technology Driving Up Costs for Trucking Industry

8/1/18 – ATS: Solution to Trucking Woes Lies in New Driver Training, Technology

7/9/18 – ATS: Autonomous Truck Technology To Yield Safer Highways, Better Jobs, Faster Deliveries

6/18/18 – Electronic Logging Escalates Demand for Truck Drivers—ATS Calls for Training with Simulation

5/7/18 – Advanced Training Systems Analyzes: Teenage Truckers, Solution to Nation’s Shipping Woes?

4/5/18 – Critical Driver Shortage Affecting U.S. Trucking Industry: Requires Hyper-Realistic VR Training to Meet Commerce Needs

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