Access Receivables, September 30, 2019: What if your workforce could be freed from repetitive tasks that are simple, but can lead to errors if an employee is tired? How many other more important tasks could that employee focus on? That’s just part of the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workforce.

In the trucking industry, for example, AI can help drivers be both more efficient and safer, says John Kearney, CEO of Advanced Training Systems, a high-tech simulator technology and engineering firm. “AI has the capability to handle more tiresome and burdensome tasks that require precision without much thought,” he explains. “Also, AI sensors can help monitor both vehicle and driver behavior, including when to speed up or slow down, optimizing fuel consumption and reducing maintenance costs. This holds a lot of promise for the future because it can enhance the productivity of jobs, not just eliminate them. If we continue to see the advancement of AI, it will give the next generation of truckers the assistance they need when driving on U.S. roadways.”

As “intelligent” as this AI is, human trainers still will play an important role. “Overall, AI can create $400 billion to $500 billion in value for transport and logistics alone, which presents a lot of opportunity to integrate new technology for future truckers. However, part of the training process with simulator training often involves human instruction,” says Kearney. “When truckers are not properly trained in simulators that use AI to accurately prepare for adverse events such as snow, ice, or rain, they will encounter situations in the real world they are not trained for, or are trained negatively for, and cause accidents. Thus, AI will be instrumental in pushing the envelope for advanced driver training, which the industry needs, along with human interaction, as a must for new drivers.”

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