Forbes, January 27, 2020: A 2019 study from Brandon Hall Group showed there’s an increase in using VR as a training tool in high-consequence industries where operator or driver mistakes can cause significant property damage and fatalities.

Companies in the survey said VR tools were a top learning priority for the next 24 months.
UPS started putting drivers in virtual reality (VR) simulators in 2017 as part of basic safety training. Other trucking companies are turning to VR simulation companies to create immersive learning opportunities for drivers.

“We see that in the motor freight industry,” said John Kearney, CEO, Advanced Training Systems LLC. “Trucking companies, driving schools, and the general public are increasingly aware that simulation training—that is to say, virtual reality—helps produce drivers who are better prepared to deal with any situation they might encounter.

“Historically, we used to have books and video. Now we have VR where we can physically operate equipment and gain the additional insight needed for comprehensive learning VR solves a classic training dilemma: how do you safely prepare trainees to deal with dangerous or extraordinary situations?”

Kearney says he hopes that VR training will help bring new candidates to the trucking profession and create better prepared, safer drivers.

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