San Diego East County Magazine, December 18, 2020—Women faced with sudden job loss from the pandemic may consider going to truck driving school to repurpose their life and source of income. ECM interviewed CEO John Kearney of Advanced Training Systems via email for his insights and tips on pursuing a career in truck driving.

ECM: What are the costs and/or scholarships for the training?
Kearney: Costs vary depending on school, public or private. Costs are the same for men and women. Women should contact the Women in Trucking Association to learn what the possibilities are and how women in trucking are really a growing field.

ECM: Are there any age restrictions?
Kearney: States allow intrastate driving at 18 leaving lots of opportunities for jobs with major carriers as well as local delivery services. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency (FMCSA) does not allow driving across state lines or hauling product used in interstate commerce until they are 21.

ECM: How long does the training take?
Kearney: It depends on the program you select. It could be from 3 to 6 weeks or longer.

ECM: How do they finance the trucks they will need after graduation from training?
Kearney: Trucks are normally provided by the employer.

ECM: How much time away from family is required?
Kearney: Some employers get their drivers home every day, every week and some up to three weeks. All carriers are trying to minimize time away from home.

ECM: What is your perspective on remote learning if they take their school-age children along on trips?
Kearney: This is a tough one. I am not aware of a company that allows school age children on trips as a regular lifestyle. Dogs are often allowed.

ECM: Are COVID19 safety measures used during training?
Kearney: ATS simulators and ATS Pre-Trip app allow for social distancing during training. Simulation and other measures allow for distancing during the training process.

ECM: What is the average length in days that a route lasts?
Kearney: There is no average because there are so many different routes and contracts available to a driver. Home daily is the objective of many drivers but that is not possibly sure.

ECM: What tips and highlights would you give to a student before taking the training?
Kearney: Be sure you and your family are prepared for life on the road. Some are more suited than others.


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