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Advanced Training Systems Expands with New Facility in Vista, Calif.

Augmented and virtual reality is overhauling the CDL industry. High-tech simulator technology firm is expanding headquarters to Vista, Calif.

(St. Petersburg, FL)—With an increasing nationwide demand for its high-tech simulators and driver training methodology, Florida-based Advanced Training Systems (ATS) recently expanded with the opening of an additional facility in Vista, Calif.

The new facility will house an enhanced simulator research, development and industry leading simulator based training facility. The company’s current headquarters is in St. Petersburg, Fla.

ATS is a high-tech simulator technology firm that provides cutting-edge adaptive training systems to improve training and produce safer drivers, manufacturing various types of virtual simulators and holds seven patents for simulator technology. ATS simulators are becoming the first choice nationally and abroad by truck driving schools, trucking companies, third-party delivery fleet companies, private fleet companies, private schools with driver training, public schools and colleges with driver education, law enforcement organizations, state and federal government entities and more.

“Virtual reality simulation is able to train and assess, objectively, driver performance, whereas traditional driver training has been limited in its ability to teach ‘real-life’ experience in certain driving conditions,” said ATS Vice President Rebecca Hudson. “We can rapidly accelerate the experience and competence, while opening the door to revolutionizing the industry.”

ATS plans to have an open house at the new facility, located at 2438 Cades Way in Vista, Calif., before the end of the year.

About Advanced Training Systems LLC:

Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is a technology and engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of high-tech simulator systems to improve training for operators of all types of motor-powered vehicles. ATS, the holder of multiple patents in its field, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge adaptive training at an affordable cost to all involved in the transportation industry, resulting in more qualified drivers/operators and safer streets. For more information, visit

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