On June 13 of this year, the Canadian Electronic Logging Device mandate was announced by March Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Transport. The mandate, with a compliance deadline of June 12, 2021, requires the use of ELDs by all federally regulated commercial truck and bus operators.

In July, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), a federation of provincial trucking associations somewhat analogous to the U.S.’s American Trucking Associations, asked each of Canada’s provincial transportation ministers to adopt recently announced federal rules mandating third-party certified electronic logging devices.

It is critical, says CTA, for both provincially- and federally-regulated-to transition from their existing paper-based compliance regime to an electronic one, based on each jurisdiction’s existing application and operational processes. “Why,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski, “should there be two methods for hours-of-service monitoring (ELD and paper) when modern, third-part-compliant ELDs are far superior?”

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