The effect of the current CN Rail strike could have both positive and negative impacts on the trucking industry in Western Canada when it comes to the movement of grain products like wheat, barley, and canola.

Though trucking and rail can often be competing modes of transportation, Howard August, executive vice-president of Canadian operations for KAG Canada, said the two work more in tandem when it comes to hauling grain.

“We cannot compete with rail’s ability to move large volumes of grain long distances,” said August. “We, of course, are not restricted by rail tracks, so our strength is the shorter distance moves.”

August said his trucking business will be impacted by a prolonged CN Rail strike – now in its fourth day – when the plants they haul into fill up but have no ability to move the product to the end user.

“We will take advantage of some longer haul ‘must have’ deliveries, such as feed mills,” said August, “but for the most part, our grain division will operate as normal until the elevators are full.”

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