Courtesy of Construction Business News:
ESMA and Mercedes-Benz Trucks showcase the first partially automated driving truck
By Kasun Illankoon, January 27, 2020

Together with ESMA, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, a division of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA, performed a test-drive of the semi-automated Mercedes-Benz Actros from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This is the first time a semi-automated truck is driven on UAE roads; it showcased the possibilities of the latest truck technology available in serial production.

The new Actros elevates safety for all road users, efficiency for operators, and comfort for drivers to unprecedented levels. The most important and spectacular innovation is Active Drive Assist, with which Mercedes-Benz Trucks puts partially-automated driving into series production. “Actros 5th generation with Active Drive Assist is the first partially automated assistance system on a series produced truck in the world. Today marks the first time these vehicles hit the roads of the Middle East and Africa,” stated Kay-Wolf Ahlden, President & CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA.

Added Mr. Ahlden, “The new Active Drive Assist can brake, accelerate, and steer the truck independently.” Unlike systems that only work at certain speeds, Active Drive Assist, or ADA, offers partially-automated driving at all speeds for the first time in a series-produced truck. New elements include the active latitudinal control and the combination of longitudinal and lateral control at all speeds through the fusion of radar and camera information. Active Drive Assist builds upon the tried-and-tested adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function and the lane-keeping assistant from Mercedes-Benz. While responsibility for monitoring the traffic, situation remains with the driver, the system provides substantial support and significantly contributes to increased road safety. The Active Drive Assist system, which enables Level 2 automated driving, is currently only available in the EU markets.”

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