Virtual Reality Function and Quantum Methodology for the Future of Driver Training

Using technology derived from the aerospace industry, our team of experienced engineers and designers has collaborated with research scientists and industry experts over the past five years to develop what is considered by a growing community of customers and users as the future of high-fidelity virtual simulators.

ATS Virtual Reality Simulator driver training is designed to function as a component of Quadrant Training Methodology which includes classroom, computer-based and simulator training in addition to training in a real truck.  All of these are necessary to properly train vocational operators. 

Memory educational methods work in a classroom environment with or without computers while muscle memory is learned in the simulator by the use of repetition, which is better done in the simulator.  Just as in military and airline pilot training, it is far too dangerous to use a real truck to train away the risky functions that can be taught in a simulator such as a front tire blowout, ice, wind, objects entering the roadway and others.  In a simulator, you can develop the muscle and brain memory through repetition that is far too expensive to accomplish in a real truck.

A software coach (ATS Adaptive Training) provides consistent, methodical training, thus eliminating human frailties and personalities in the evaluation of driving performance. The Quantum Methodology puts the student in control of the vehicle by putting him or her through almost every scenario the road has to offer. It even measures the student’s stress level while training which, at the end of the day, amounts to safer CDLs carrying the fright of the country.

Expanding Our Reach

In addition to solidifying our position as providers of the best and most cost-effective simulators for commercial driver’s license (CDL) training, we are developing simulation products for driver training applications on any motorized vehicles such as delivery vans, auto, police, fork lift, emergency vehicles, military vehicles, school bus, mobile training units, and snow plows.

Simulation and Training Together . .

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