The ATS FleetMaster simulator provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform, customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit and military applications.

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Simulation Training via Human-Centered Design

The ATS FleetMaster simulator provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform, customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit and military applications.

Simulation-based training is a proven enhancement for driver training and periodic assessment and reinforcement, allowing entities to conduct practical real world training efficiently and safely. Additionally, simulation training con- ducted with the ATS line of simulators introduces our patented and self-paced approach, emphasizing safety and driver awareness through simulated training in a comfortable and risk-free environment.

FleetMaster Features

  • Patented software and training techniques deliver efficient learning and reinforcement, emphasizing muscle memory and training objectives.
  • Human-centered design includes our patented trans- mission, actual pneumatic truck-seat, OEM Steering column and controls, and original OEM pedals to provide enhanced realism.
  • Full HD LED/LCD displays designed to create an immersive simulated environment, operated by a single onboard PC.
  • Force-feedback steering with accurate true-to-life feedback focuses on muscle memory in emergency situations, backing procedures, and adverse driving conditions.
  • User friendly driver and instructor interface, and menus allowing participant to select different combinations of vehicles, platforms and scenario conditions.

Hardware and Equipment

Original OEM Components
  • ATS’ Human-centered design includes our patented transmission, original pneumatic truck-seat, OEM Steering column and controls, and original OEM pedals for enhanced realism.
  • Completely adjustable telescopic steering column and wheel, allowing the operator to tilt, extend, and retract the wheel.
  • Ergonomic design matches original truck seat, transmission, and driver interface.
Dash and Driver Interface
  • The FleetMaster™ patented LCD interface and molded dash allows the simulator to provide a familiar ‘look-and-feel’ to both new and veteran drivers.
  • Our patented and proprietary dash console and array of touchscreens allow operators to control the simulator via simple and quick commands.
  • Digital 5.1 sound system simulates normal vehicle operating sounds, ambient conditions, traffic and road-noise.
Simulator Design
  • The FleetMaster™ transmission sub-system incorporates new advanced technologies that provide higher reliability with improvements to shift-feel and behavior. Gearshift lever and simulated gearing assembly provide realistic shifting feedback, coordinated interaction, and sound.
  • ATS patented transmission provides reduced equipment wear and tear, realistic grinding, lock-out, and gear recovery.
    A Control Forced Loading (CFL) system provides functional and adjustable pneumatic pressure to the brake and clutch pedal combination.
  • FleetMaster’s™ green design reduces heat signature, power consumption and component failure, improving reliability over traditional simulator systems. This extends Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) which results in less down time, cost, and more training value.

Computer and Control Systems

Patented Training Technology
  • Self-paced training software assesses driver performance efficiently, independent of instructor guidance.
  • The simulator includes 3 basic lessons on transmission shifting. Each lesson includes driver measurement software, interactive and adaptive CBT, and statistical analysis software.
  • Industry leading graphics provide true-to-life training through the use of high resolution monitors.
Virtual Driving, Controls and Weather
  • FleetMaster™ incorporates adaptive electronic coaching that guides the student through selected exercises.
  • FleetMaster™ weather and geographic conditions are completely adjustable; from rain, snow and night conditions, to traffic environments in urban, suburban, rural and motorway locations.
  • Assess driving and decision making through the use of audio and visual playback. Replay virtual driving scenarios and backing exercises to better assist and improve operator performance.
Simulator PC Architecture
  • One robust computer operates all functions on the simulator and eliminates additional sub-systems, allowing for a more efficient use of simulator operation.
  • New CAN architecture provides internal I/O circuitry and connections designed to withstand all normal environmental use; conditions to include mobile (Trailer and RV) and portable environments.
  • Visual system provides 225° HFOV view using 3-channels each with a minimum of 1600 x 1200 resolution.
  • ATS’ road surface database model allows the simulators vehicle dynamics and tire models to correctly interact resulting in appropriate simulator response.
  • All subsystems, including vehicle dynamics, sound, visual, mechanical and scenario control, operate in a correlated manner, synchronized with one-another in real-time.

Haptic Feedback and Motion

OnQ Motion™
  • Motion System: Proprietary and patented, ATS’ OnQ Motion™ platform provides high-fidelity vehicle dynamics, road-feel, vibration feedback, and environ- mental variables such as black-ice and wet conditions.
  • ATS’ motion-cues are derived to provide the correct amount of stimuli to the operator through our proprietary Selective Directional Inputs (SDI), allowing for multiple degrees of freedom.
Vibration and Haptic Feedback
  • Sounds are computer generated from recordings of actual in-cab sounds. These audio signals are played back to the driver in real-time at the actual sound levels experienced in a real vehicle.
  • External audio source emulation includes wind vs. speed effects, environmental sounds (sirens, traffic etc.) and 3-dimensional sound directionality with Doppler effect (i.e., passing automobiles, trucks…)
  • Tactile transducers located throughout the simulator to replicate road vibration, steering feedback, and external forces.
The Human Centered Approach
  • ATS provides a combined sensory stimulus approach that includes dynamic models that correct for direction, amplitude and frequency.
  • This is a proprietary process that ATS calls Selective Directional Input (SDI).
  • Multi-SDI vehicle dynamics software samples the road surface at 1,000 Hz providing realistic feedback to the operator.
  • Engaging a symphony of onset cues, motion, haptic and stochastic stimuli all directed at specific body receptors presents the driver a more complete immersion in the training exercise.
  • Enhanced maneuvers include hard braking and pushing, yaw-cues from fishtailing, side-forces, multiple centers of yaw as represented in articulated vehicles, to include sliding and slipping on ice and water.

Mobile Solutions and Training

Mobile Simulator Training Unit
  • The M.S.T.U. (Mobile Simulator Training Unit) is a customized “Turnkey” 48′ Trailer modified and adapted by ATS at our San Diego, California manufacturing location to deliver mobile simulation training solutions to our customers.
  • Each Trailer is modified with the primary objective to provide dampening and structural integrity to the pneumatic nesting docks of each simulator.
Mobile Training and Classroom
  • The reinforced, modular design allows for compact and easy transportation while maintaining structural integrity and stable platform operation.
  • For a two simulator MSTU, a symmetrical design criteria is applied, creating two independent simulator training areas and a centrally located instructor(s) station to additionally serve as a muti-unit Operators Console.
  • All interior walls and floors are insulated for climate/ HVAC efficiency in a calculated participant load of Six adult individuals.
Platform and Design
  • Efficient training is the main purpose for the FleetMaster™ simulator. As such, its versatility and modular design offers some of the most convenient applications and training features in a mobile environment.
  • Pneumatic nesting docks integrated into each simulator system provide dampening and assist in maintaining structural integrity of the simulator.
  • The new FleetMaster™ computer/hardware interface provides robust internal I/O circuitry and industrial connections designed to withstand extreme use conditions, such as mobile (RV, Trailer, Van) and portable environments.
  • All constituent systems, components, and wiring is built to comply with professional standards of aesthetics, workmanship, and safety and is ultimately of sufficient electrical and RF integrity to meet UL and FCC safety and regulations.

Mobile Solutions and Training

M.S.T.U. Model 2017 – Suggested Layout Configuration


  • Interior Height 6’4″ or 6’8″ Depending On Size of Trailer
  • 102″ Wide Body Design
  • Torsion Wide-Track Axle
  • Ramp Door With Spring Assist
  • All-Wheel Electric Brakes With Breakaway
  • Clear Lens LED Strip Tail/Clearance Lights
  • Mill-Finished Aluminum Top Rails
  • Two (2) ATS FleetMaster Simulators
  • Integrated Operators Console / Instructor Station
  • Integrated CBT Station for Four (4) additional Instructor Console participants

Simulation and Training Together . .

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