Meet our Executive Team

John E. Kearney, CEO

For over 30 years, John E. Kearney has worked as a training expert with the largest U.S. commercial driver training companies, resulting in the successful professional training of over 100,000 students. Over the past decade, as founder of Advanced Training Systems LLC, he has worked with a group of the brightest minds in the field of simulation to create and patent the most advanced driver training simulators on the market.

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Enrique Mar, Jr., COO

Enrique Mar brings to ATS many years of experience in development, manufacturing, and content innovation in the field of simulator systems. His previous company, IMX-Ideas, initiated the process of developing a simulator system that would allow flexibility in the sharing of components across various simulation platforms, allowing for reduced assembly costs. These components and assemblies help produce successful training by reducing or eliminating simulator-associated sickness.

Rebecca Hudson, Vice President Sales and General Counsel

Rebecca Hudson, a native of Tampa who grew up in Maracaibo, Venezuela, has practiced corporate law for the past 31 years. Her 10-year tenure with Career Path Training Corp awakened her passion for training people to obtain a commercial driver’s license and thus a career in the truck driving industry. Her passion for her work has its roots in a personal loss; her brother, a truck driver, would not have lost his life in 2001 if he had been trained on the company’s simulator platform.

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